National Sugar Cookie Day

I love that I share my birthday with National Sugar Cookie day. We are both sweet and inviting….but the sugar cookie is far more modest than I am.

Corey, our Chief cookie demonstrated how to make sugar cookies on channel 10 and we were featured on the front page of the Arizona Republic.


Our sugar cookies are slightly crispy, with a chewy delicious center. Buttery and sprinkled with crystal sugar granules that dance on your tongue like little fairies.

Come in and visit us at our Tempe location and try one.


Focus on Team Member Heather

Heather Evans is our team member extraordinaire.

A transplant from Chicago, from my office I watch her trademark waist long think hair float by most afternoons.

I am not sure if there is anything Heather cannot do and she wears all her hats well. She takes care of most things back of house…from web content to customer service AND she can take care of front of house too – jumping into retail when required.

Heather says she loves working for Cookies from home because of all the wonderful people she works with (she says that because on occasion I bring her home made food) and she truly believes in the product!

A Tempe local, Heather loves local bands and in her spare time spends hours drawing amazing chalk art!

We love having her as part of our Cookies team 🙂

ps: Dont forget our garage sale this weekend: Friday and Saturday 7-10am @ 1605 west University Dr Tempe 85281.


Hugs, kisses and cookies!

Yesterday my children and I headed out to the Phoenix childrens hospital to help distribute cookies from home cookies to all the moms – both patient moms and nurse moms that got to spend mothers day at the childrens hospital and not in a fancy restaurant or being spoilt with breakfast in bed. These moms spend tireless hours caring for children that are not well. Sometimes we take our health for granted, but being there yesterday was a reminder that every day is a blessing. Also nice to make it sweeter with a cookie or 3!

Hope you spoilt your mom on mothers day,

Have a delicious week! 


By the pound!

Something I only found out after being with cookies from home for a while was that we do not ignore the four legged cookie lovers. We make yummy almond based doggie biscuits for our furry friends.

Aparently one furry friend was so enamoured, he devoured the entire box in one sitting. While I am a proponant for everything in moderation, it was good to know that the doggie cookie variety are just as irrisistable as our human kind!

Speaking of unconditional love…dont forget that it is Mothers’ day this coming Sunday and all mommies (including this one) have a special extra stomach for cookies! We are open at our retail location on Saturday from 10am till 5pm for last minute gift ideas!

Have a fantastic week,

Cookie Chloe




Wednesday’s Child

Here at Cookies From home we believe the sum of the crumbs is greater than the cookie. That is, small moves can produce great results.

We enjoy taking part in larger community events and making life a little sweeter for those less fortunate.

A couple of weeks ago we collaborated with Channel 12 on their Wednesday Child feature.

This segment highlights a foster child out and about in various settings to really showcase their personalities.

Several children came into the bakery, and together with Corey Meiteen, they worked on baking and decorating Spring cookies. Everyone had a blast.  For a look at the videas. Please click on the links below.



Have a scrumptious week,

from all at cookies from home.



Focus on Team Member

Team Member of the week is Russ Perry our Corporate Sales Exec.  Russ came to Cookies from Home 3 years ago with over 30 years of sales experience.

Russ says his favorite part of the job is solving problems for customers. Customers love Russ’s calm disposition and enthusiasm for providing gifts filled with fresh, warm cookies. Russ always has a smile and a good story to tell.

I share an office with Russ, so I know of his love for all things Mickey Mouse. What I did not know was that he carries that passion into everything he does. He even has a Mickey Mouse courtyard at home with motifs and mickey Mouse cut outs in his fence.  

When you meet Russ – ask him for photos!

C is for cookie – thats good enough for me.


Teresa Garcia

Teresa Garcia

Focus on a Team Member

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